Time Machine - New vinyl Album - out 16 December 2022

Front Cover

The CD is now available to ship and the vinyl version, released on the Plane Groovy label, is available generally from 16th December 2022 and that can be ordered in advance from our website shop.
In addition, there is 1 (last one) very special edition test pressing copy available for Time Machine vinyl album left for sale.
Full details and order from our website shop, or your favourite outlet.


Watch Time Machine video sampler on YouTube

Latest News

Comedy Of Errors - New Album Time Machine - 2022 live performance!

The Time Machine album will be released on 23 September 2022
It is available to pre-order from our website shop, or your favourite outlet.
CD signed by 5 current band members is available for a limited time.

Comedy of Errors will appear at Prog Before Christmas in Glasgow on Saturday 26th November 2022


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