Fanfare & Fantasy CD Album - OUT 18th march 2013

Available for Pre Order here and at your favourite retailer

Fanfare & Fantasy will be with us on Friday 15th March 2013, and we would ship orders w/c 18th March 2013.
Order from our website shop or your favourite retailer.

Fanfare & Fantasy vinyl dbl album - OUT 17th April 2013

Available for Pre Order at

The vinyl album will be available very soon from Planegroovy and it's open for pre orders now!! All vinyl album purchasers will be entitled to an additional MP3 download.

Fanfare & Fantasy MP3 download from CDBaby - available now

The full album is available for download now from CDBaby

Fanfare & Fantasy sampler here

Listen to the Fanfare & Fantasy album sampler here.

Fanfare & Fantasy Reviews

Read the Fanfare & Fantasy album reviews on Prog Archives.

"In terms of the songs themselves, each stands alone as a symphonic masterpiece; collectively they form a truly wonderful whole" - Easy Livin

"Comedy Of Errors are a band who truly do seem to be in tune with each other - the sum parts combining to a result greater than the individuals. Truly awe inspiring." - Nmackie

"Fanfare & Fantasy' is one of those albums that gets better with every listen." - Richens Digg Facebook Google LinkedIn LiveJournal NewsVine reddit StumbleUpon Twitter
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